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Feb 09

APPJUDGEMENT: Tweet Land for iOS: Real Time Twitter Obstacles!

Feb 07

Tweet Land NOW AVAILABLE on the AppStore




The journey has been as exciting and fun as we had ever expected. We are glad to finally announce that the game is now available in the App Store. Congratulations, you are now going to play the FIRST videogame that plays with reality! Have fun and remember to watch out, tweets just got real! Watch the trailer here.

Also, if you like the game, please give us some 5-stars reviews on the AppStore and help us spread the word among your friends, followers and/or fans. Love ya!


  *APP REVIEWERS: Mail us for -limited- promo codes and download the press kit here.

Jan 21


We are really excited about people around the world getting excited about Tweet Land release. Lol. Take a look:

Also some nice quotes:

We totally love the idea Handheld Arcade

Una idea divertida y bastante original XatakaMovil

Uno de los juegos que más está dando de qué hablar es Tweet Land — A1Arte

Saw this game trailer on an indie game site and it perplexed me. I find myself continually going back to it and thinking of all the possibilitiesOdela

Un título del que estaremos escuchando todo el 2012 por su innovador sistema de juego. Vean el tráiler de lanzamiento dentro de la nota y sorpréndanse. Será un fenómenoAtomix

Jan 18


Jan 16


Jan 14

BRACE YOURSELVES! Tweet Land launch day is -finally- coming - Next week we are revealing the date. YAY!

BRACE YOURSELVES! Tweet Land launch day is -finally- coming - Next week we are revealing the date. YAY!

Dec 20

Tweet Land Original Soundtrack now available for Kickstarter backers

Tweet Land Original Soundtrack now available for Kickstarter backers

Dec 17

Anonymous said: when is the next beta version going to be out?

Actually there will be no more Betas, because the game is now ready! Yay!. We are releasing it -finally- on next February :D

Nov 10

PSFK interview: Future of Gaming


The PSFK consulting team has noticed that as social media becomes more mainstream, it is becoming an integral aspect of gaming by making new experiences possible.One company operating in this space is Tweetland–a company that has created a game using experiences reported on Twitter to create in-game content. ‘TweetLand’ is the first videogame in the world that plays with reality by factoring in real life experiences from people all over the world using Twitter messages to create content inside the game that will affect gameplay.  Some events affect the game to help the player, while other events provide challenges and difficult situations that the player will have to confront. For example, if a user in New York reports a traffic accident on Twitter, the gameplay may reflect that event, turning the tweets of the real world into events in the virtual world. PSFK spoke to the founders of TweetLand about their game[…]


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Oct 14

We want you to be featured in our official TRAILER. Interested?

Hello tweetlanders!

As many of you may know, the game is now ready and we are working on the final details of the campaign’s launch! One of these details is an uber important mega cool trailer. We are working on a nice script to go with it, and we want to include you in it! Our plan is to involve tweetlanders all over the world to be featured in Tweet Land´s official game trailer. To do this, we’d like to encourage all of you to record a video of yourselves using an iOS device - similar to the video we are attaching with this message. 

The idea is to collect videos of people worldwide using an iPhone, iPod or iPad at different iconic locations - this way, when editing we can show in the trailer people of the world using their device to tweet and/or play Tweet Land. Because of post-production reasons, we would need for you not to show the device’s screen (similar to the reference video we are attaching).

If you possess high video filming/editing skills and know-how, that’s perfect! Just try to record it with the same techniques used in the reference video - focus, illumination, composition, etc. If you don’t, thats also ok! Do what you can and send us your video!



We’re taking any length and video format videos; send as many takes and/or videos as you want!

We will choose the best videos and include them on the trailer. To all tweetlanders that send us their videos: we will give 1 limited edition Tweet Land postcard signed by all the team members to one lucky winner.

If you are interested in being featured in the first trailer of the first game that plays with reality, send us your video, download link, or YouTube link to imFamous@tweetlandgame.comThe deadline will be November 1st.Hurry up! Maybe your friends could watch you on the next GameTrailer´s or IGN´s featured videos!

Note: Needless to say, by sending your video you are allowing us to use it in our official trailer. :)